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dealignment - a process whereby voters are moved towards nonpartisanship Therefore weakening the composition of political parties

basilar process a quadrilateral plate of the occipital bone projecting superiorly and anteriorly in the foramen magnum.

four shade process hyper micro process map Main process radical process improvement (RPI) process reengineering process pounds process chart

Dependant upon the operating procedure implementation, switches may be performed when duties accomplish input/output operations, whenever a job indicates that it might be switched, or on components interrupts.

, procedure - A process is actually a established or number of steps directed to some finish or even a pure number of variations; a method is often a number of steps conducted in a specific manner, a longtime strategy for doing a little something.

degeneration, devolution - the process of declining from an increased to the reduce volume of successful power or vitality or essential good quality

Enterprise process modeling, action of representing processes of an business to be able to produce improvements

We’ve automatic time-consuming administrative workflows and relieved corporations of regulatory compliance burdens. It is possible to accessibility strong reporting and Transcard’s Open up API allows for A fast, quick integrations.

a steady motion, operation, or number of improvements happening in a very definite fashion: the process of decay.

The functioning program retains most of this information regarding active processes in details structures termed process Handle blocks.

four. Regulation a. Using the law courts as well as other fora as a way of in search of redress: the adversarial process; thanks process of regulation.

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looping, iteration - (Personal computer science) executing the exact same list of instructions a offered amount of times or until a specified result's acquired; "the solution is obtained by iteration"

horn - any tricky protuberance indian visa from The top of an organism that is comparable to or suggestive of a horn

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